3 Tips For An Easy Unpacking Experience

Moving is exhausting. After all the planning, preparing and physical moving, by the time you get to your new house, unpacking can seem extremely overwhelming. Fortunately, there are some strategies to ease the overwhelm and help you unpack efficiently. Call us crazy, but you may even enjoy unpacking with these three tips for a better unpacking experience.

  1. Pack Properly
    Pack Properly The first and most crucial part of improving the unpacking to process is to optimize the packing process. This involves proper labeling.
    • Use a permanent marker to label boxes by room and by contents. When you know exactly what’s in each box as well as what room it belongs in, you are giving yourself a head start by organizing all your stuff before you even open a box. You will be amazed at how much brain energy you save just by labeling your boxes.
    • Aside from tangled Christmas lights, there’s nothing more brain boiling that a bundle of cords and electronic pieces with no instruction manual. Save yourself the headache and not every step of assembly as you disassemble your electronics. Then label your electronics with some masking tape and and colored markers to color-code the assembly steps.
    • Number your boxes in sequence of importance or urgency. This will eliminate the analysis paralysis that takes over when you’re looking at a room full of boxes.
  2. Separate Belongings You Will Need Within the First Few Days
    When you first arrive, you may feel a rush of adrenaline as you look at the a blank canvas in front of you, waiting to be transformed from a house into a home. You may even begin ripping open boxes in an enthusiastic push to create your home. But after a few boxes you will find a mess and that adrenaline rush will shift to overwhelm.
    Satiate the giddiness inside and pack a First-open box or two. Not only will this help you jumpstart the unpacking process and quiet that panicky, “Where should I start?” voice, but you can pack these boxes with the items you will definitely need in the first couple of days. Pack these couple of boxes with things like pajamas, toiletries, smartphone chargers, bed linens, and other items you will need the first night in your new home.
  3. Stay Focused
    No matter how much preparation work you do during the packing process, you will discover that unpacking requires a lot of focus and energy. You’re in a brand new space and you want to put it together exactly how you envisioned. This work takes creative, strategic, organizational, and physical work, so it’s imperative that you use this energy wisely.
    Stay away from any typical distractions that could drain your motivation and energy. Turn off your phone and stay off social media, even those supposed “inspiration” platforms. Before you know if you will find yourself several hours deep in a rabbit hole with dozens of boxes still left to unpack.
    Of course, you don’t need to work in complete silence and isolation. Keep the mood upbeat with podcasts, playlists or ebooks. Sounds and music do wonders for warming up the environment and breathing some life into your new home.

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