Keep Your Fish Safe With These Simple Tips For Moving Your Aquarium

As you begin taking inventory of your belongings before your move, you may have noticed some items are more delicate than others, and those delicate items will need special packing and transportation care. This is often true for pet gear like bird cages, cat climbing structures, and aquariums. Of the three, aquariums and the fish that live in it are extremely fragile and require special consideration on a move. Our professional Redwood City movers have helped many pet owners pack their pet’s belongings safely, but if you intend to do this part yourself, we’d like to share a few key tips for doing it right.

If you plan to take your fish and their aquarium with you to your new home, then use these tips to safely pack and transport them.

Aquarium Packing Essentials :

How To Pack And Transport Your Aquarium

How to Pack Your Fish